Best Roofing Services for Your Home


A roof is not merely a roof.   Roofing is a diverse industry, with so many options and budgets to consider.   In order to understand what residential roofing is all about, we have to look at its difference to commercial roofing.

Commercial and residential roofs vary in design.   Commercial roofs tend to be more plain in style and angles, and are much larger.   Those types of commercial roofs are maintenance and repair intensive.   The main points of consideration in commercial roofing are the large area to be covered, and the storage capacity in them.   Residential roofing is less concerned with such factors, as their running costs are lower.

Residential roofing at tends to be fairly easy to install and create.   There are two choices involved for residential roofs.   These are tiles and shingles.   When comparing tile roofs and shingle roofs, the first noticeable difference is the price.   Tiles are the more expensive option, around twice the price of shingles.   Bear in mind, tiles tend to outlast shingles, at a rate of two to one, thereby justifying such a price range.   The fact is strong winds and poor weather conditions could result in the shingles falling off or being blown away.   Tiles are more durable and can withstand a lot more strain.

Shingles are best utilized in fairer climatic settings.   In cold weather settings, it is advisable to use tiles.   Tiles are more long lasting in typical settings.   This feature of tiles could lead to a higher resale price of your house.


The foundation and rigidity of your house during construction will also determine what type of roof to be installed.   Typically, tiles require a sturdier base than the lighter shingles.   A discussion with your roofing technician will reveal your roof’s actual weight capacity, thereafter looking at your allocated budget and the prevalent weather conditions, you shall arrive at a more informed decision.

The value of your home remains higher at the point of selling it, if you installed a tile roofing at   Since they can withstand harsher climates while retaining their original shine with minimal wear and tear, you can be guaranteed they shall be more presentable with time.

Through research and technology, a new type of roofing shingle has been realized; the solar reflective shingle   As the major part of the upper side of a building, they directly assist in reducing how much energy shall be consumed and how well the building shall coexist with its environment.

They have the ability to bounce off more radiation than normal ones.   This is possible since they are primarily constructed to minimize the absorption of too much sun energy into your dwelling by reflecting it off.   As the house remains much cooler, the use of air conditioning remains minimal, if at all.


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